Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Octoberfest FWAV Challenge 2016

Hope you join us for Octoberfest FWAV Challenge.  Ask your trainer for a hard copy of the challenges.  Using the honor system please keep track of the challenges completed and points accumulated.  
        Good Luck!!!

1)            Meet one of your own personal health goals. 
Ideas: 30 to 45 minute walk 3x/wk – Not having refined sugar for a week – Keep a food journal for a week – Eat veggies 4 to 5 times a day – Drink 3 to 4 quarts of water a day – Sign up for a nutritional assessment with Juli (great way to learn more about your nutritional needs) 
The choice is yours, how do you want to challenge yourself???
12 points

2)            Attend Sabina Weaver’s presentation “How To Maintain A Healthy Bladder” on Thursday October 6th  - Hartness location @ 6:30 p.m.
12 points

3)            Making it to every single one of your already scheduled sessions in October without having to reschedule or being late.
10 points 

4)            Completing all of your sessions for the month even if some have had to be rescheduled within the month of October.
7 points

5)            Making it to every single one of your sessions on time.
7 points

6)            Book a massage with Dawn Sultz (our in house masseus) at a 10% discount.  Use the code OCTOBERFEST when booking. 
10 points

7)            Bring a friend to workout with you once during October.  
Keep in mind our October promotion.  If your friend signs up for 2 months they’ll receive a 25% discount on their 1st month.  If they sign up for a 3rd month, you will receive a 25% discount on your following month. 
5 points

8)            Send us a pic of yourself wearing a FWAV logo (shirt, sweatshirt, cap) while you are in an athletic position (plank, squat, lunge etc) so we can post on our social media.  
5 points
9)            Referring a friend and having your friend sign up with us for a month.  
Keep in mind our October promotion.  If your friend signs up for 2 months they’ll receive a 25% discount on their 1st month.  If they sign up for a 3rd month, you will receive a 25% discount on your following month. 
8 points

10)        Participating in 1 group fitness class each week in October.  
10 points

11)        Participating in 2 group fitness classes in October.  
7 points

12)        Participating in 1 group fitness classes during October.  
3 points

13)        Scheduling an extra session free of charge with one of the other trainers.  
3 points

14)        Send us a pic of you walking, biking or jogging the Swamp Rabbit Trail so we can post on our social media.  
5 points

15)        Give us an idea for a blog… something you are interested in learning more of.  
5 points

16)        If you get to travel during the month send us a pic of you wearing a FWAV logo from where you are.  #FWAVtravelstheworld
4 points

17)        Take a picture of your healthy at home prepared meal and send it to us so we can share on social media.  
6 points

18)        Eating healthy while eating out is hard to do.  Give yourself 5 points for making a healthy choice at a restaurant.  Take a pic and send to your trainer for approval.  
6 points

19)        Log your sleep for one week during October.
4 points

20)        Start meditating.  Give yourself 5 points when you meditate 2 days a week.  Headspace is a great app that can help you get started!
6 points

21)        It is Halloween month!!! Send us a pic of you, your kids or grandkids in your best and cutest Halloween costumes!!!
7 points

Monday, September 12, 2016

Popping a pill or devouring a bean burrito to safeguard health is alluring.  But there's a problem, the strength of evidence is not sufficient for healthy individuals, without any medical problems or digestive issues, to be investing in daily probiotics.

One reason is that most supplements provide a singe strain of bacteria - but your gut is home to hundreds.  Finding the right strain of probiotic supplement to help boost your unique mirobiome is a crapshoot at best.

If you do take an uncoated capsule, there's a good chance your stomach will kill many of the bacteria strains before they can work.  Unless it is encapsulated and designed for delayed release, the average probiotic won't survive long in your body.  One study found that just 10 to 25 percent of uncoated strains survive once swallowed.

Another issue; To aid the gut, microorganisms must be alive when consumed - but many of those inside a supplement, food, or drink are often DOA.  In fact, Consumer Lab reports that roughly half of the organisms initially put into a product are dead by the time they hit the store shelves.

As for the ever-growing number of probiotic-infused chocolate bars, ice creams, crackers, and frozen foods, no research has proved that they have probiotic benefits, and experts say most are merely gimmicks to lure the health-obsessed.  If a food is inherently unhealthy, sprinkling a little good bacteria on it won't make it any better for you.

That's not to say that microorganisms themselves are problematic.  Science shows that naturally occurring probiotics are beneficial for your micro biome.  But they should be consumed in whole foods - yogurts - sauerkraut - kimchi - that are loaded with billions of colony-forming units (CFUs) of friendly  bacteria, along with fiber that feeds the microorganism in your gut.  You need about a billion CFUs to get a positive effect.  While serving of kimchi may provide several billion CFUs from a variety of bacteria strains, many supplements and fortified foods barely reach half billion of one strain - if they're even alive then you consume them.

Instead of expensive supplements, spend the money on a plant-based diet that includes fermented foods.  That will give your gut bacteria enough fiber to create a healthy biome.

How To Get The Most Of Probiotics

Watch for sugar
Yogurts and drinks like Kombucha are rich in naturally occurring probiotics, but many brands are sweetened with 20-plus grams of sugar.  This can negate the benefits.  Skip an product for which a sweetener is one of the first ingredients listed on the label.

Be smart about supplements
If you buy them, look for shelf-stable capsules with at least a billion CFUs per dose.  Because bacteria can die during shipping, you want a brand  that lists its CFU number with a "best by" date, not "present at time of manufacture."

Eat fermented food frequently 
Occasionally topping a ball-game bratwurst with kraut doesn't do much for your microbiome.  To get the benefits of fermented foods, you must eat them often. Work yogurts, tempeh, and pickled produce into your daily diet.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Squat is a compound movement; it requires every major muscle group to work in concert and instantly pinpoints if an area is tight and needs to be stretched or is weak and needs to be strengthened.  Test yourself using this guide, then incorporate any needed fixes into your workouts.  Correcting imbalances you can't see will help you gain better results from training and preventing future injuries.  

Back Is Flat
If yours is not:  If your back rounds or arches, blame tight lats and a weak core. 

The fix:  Loosen upper back and lats on a foam roller, and target deep abs and obliques by doing twisting planks: Hold a plank, then twist torso to the right and pause for one count; repeat to the left.  These are also called Plank Hip Dips

Torso Is Upright
If yours is not:  Your calves or hip flexors are likely tight, and your glutes weak.  

The fix:  Stretch and foam roll the calves and hips, and do hip bridges to activate the glutes; Lie face up on the floor, knees bent and feet planted.  Raise hips as high as you can, hold a few seconds, lower and repeat. 

Arms Should Be Straight
If yours is not:  Your pecs and lats are tight, and your traps are weak.

The fix:  Loosen the lats and chest with foam rolling, and do chest-openers, such as standing with forearms against the edges of a door frame and leaning forward.  Strengthen the lats with superman pose; Lie face down with arms extended above head; raise arms, head and chest then hold and repeat. 

Thighs Are At Least Parallel To They Ground
If yours are not:  The deeper range of motion is probably new to you, and you need to build muscle memory to achieve it.  

The fix:  Squat low with a physio ball at hip level between your back and wall. Hold at the bottom for five seconds, press back and repeat.

Knees Point Out
If yours do not:  The muscles on the outside of your thighs are weak; on the inside they are tight.  

The fix:  Target inner thighs with a foam roller, and hold a side lunge to stretch them.  Strengthen side muscles with lateral banded walks; Place a resistance band around and above knees.  Take big side steps to the left, then the right.  

Heels Are Flat
If yours are not:  It could be that your calves are tight, your form is bad, or both. 

The fix:  Foam roll and stretch calves.  (Rolling, as you can see is the key.)  And practice squatting into heels, not the mid foot or toes.  Focus on driving hips back.